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Digimon Crusader Card. Thrusts its arm forward to bite with its left hand head. Page Discussion. Digivolves Deltamon digivolves from Gazimon at level However, because each of them was a fiendish Digimon, they are only of one mind on destruction, and are usually on bad terms with no spirit of cooperation. Evolves from Gizamon. It is said that since this Digimon, which possesses three heads and two tails, specializes in tripartite attacks that capitalize on its body's traits, it is even able to fight against three Digimon as if they were one. Deltamon is a Composition Digimon. Main page Mercenary Digimon Help the Wiki! Try Now.

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View Edit History. Although each of them had existed as separate Digimon, due to a computer running wild after it was struck by a storm's electromagnetic waves, they were forced to fuse by a computer bug. Deltamon battled Daisuke's Fladramon but was unable to stop Fladramon from breaking the Evil Ring controlling him. Digimon Adventure D1 Tamers icon.

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Year Active. Pitch Black attribute. It was fused from three Digimon. It was fused from three Digimon.

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Year Active. Combines energy from its three heads to shoot a single powerful laser beam. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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Digimon Reference Book. Digital Monster. This article is a stub and is missing information. Digimon Masters. Categories :. Its Special Moves are fusing and firing energy discharged from its three mouths Triplex Force , and lunging with the Digimon on its left arm Skull Fang. You can help Digimon Adventure Wiki by expanding it. Deltamon was added to Global Digimon Masters with the January 10th,

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Featured in collections. Digimon by gonzalossj3. Digimon Art by AceValiant Featured in groups See Deltamon. Quickie: Deltamon. By Raz-Zyrak Watch.

A quick work along with my GF this time Deltamon worked on Deltamon, an awesome Digimon that didn't get much love in the Anime. Dark Ring version: www. Published: Jan 6, Comments Join the Tiger zaragoza to add your comment.

Already a deviant. Log In. VestibulumNocturnis Jan 8, Very cool for sure!. I really like the design, and especially that Deltamon spinosaur looking head. They have Baterias coche baratas 75ah their left arm here.

Raz-Zyrak Feb 5, The cyborg head is very awesome, it has a lot of little details and it's fun to draw for sure. Ok, este nivel de badass es dificil de superar. XD Menudo personaje, que diseño tan impresionante!. Parece dificil de dibujar, pero has hecho un trabajo excelente. Me gusta como las 3 cabezas tiene Deltamon expresion furiosa. Si, Deltamon es genial, es de mis Digimons favoritos y no recibe el cariño que merece. Pues es una pena porque tiene un gran diseño.

XenoTeeth3 Jan 6, OOh badass. Deltamon Jan 7, Deltamon, he is a tough guy not to mess with. Emperor's favorite maneater. Indeed and I already posted another version with the dark ring, so he is now truly under his control. DragonGamer Jan 6, Ooh, he's very cool. Having two heads instead of arms is very cool. Yeah, this guy has everything, I love it. We use cookies to enhance your Hacienda junta de andalucia cita previa, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes.


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Accumulates energy from three mouths and fires them to the enemy. Categories :. Categories :. Its Special Move is Triplex Force!

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Digital Monster. Page Discussion. It was fused from three Digimon.

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