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The event tackled the following challenges:. From the supported projects, 21 teams have already managed to make concrete steps to raise additional financial resources to continue their project and producto development: — 12 projects have obtained financial resources from international or national funds — 1 project has commercial contracts — 1 project successfully applied to a bank loan to continue project — 7 projects submitted funding applications — 6 projects are exploring potential funding options. Zana GbR. Challenge 2: Home Care for cancer patients. E-Mail atta. Telling the Story of LIC. Developed by a combination of engineers and academics, GinoBot is a neat tool for teaching STEM disciplines, computational thinking and digital literacy in fun and hands-on experience. It has literally unlimited expansion potential since it allows the attachment of add-on 3rd party electronics and hardware like a Raspberry Pi, Arduino and micro:bit. Learn the micro-history of robotics and programming with real-world applications and useful facts.

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Sani nudge. European Commission officials joined the event to discuss the sustainability of such acceleration support being delivered to innovative healthcare SMEs both by Clusters and by the upcoming EU funding programme, Horizon Europe. The Hackathon was based on applying the principles of design thinking to support teams to deliver the best solutions.

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E-Mail atta. Challenge 1: Remote Rehabilitation. GinoBot is a highly programmable robot ready to be used straight from the box. Diffia — makers of Nimble.

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SMEs had the opportunity to attend one-to-one coaching sessions with top health experts the day before the pitching competition. Eyecheck System. Komed Health.

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Got it! SentoMed B. Appreciating however, the significance of model building, the body of UltraBot has numerous built-in Engino connecting geometries to allow not only the reconfiguration to other models, but also the addition of extra motors and sensors. It has literally unlimited expansion potential since it allows the attachment of add-on 3rd party electronics and hardware like a Raspberry Pi, Arduino and micro:bit. The event was attended by SMEs and entrepreneurs, healthcare processionals, scientists, designers, developers and engineers, who teemed up for one weekend to propel new ideas and innovations. Biotech Service. It included a traditional marketplace allowing to test and demonstrate the latest innovations and technologies, but also to have discussions with investors and pitching opportunities for challenge owners — hospitals and municipalities presenting their challenges to prompt one to one discussions and networking.

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Innolabs una plataforma de innovación abierta que conecta empresas y Innolabs para buscar soluciones digitales a los retos empresariales y sociales Innolaabs. Buscamos soluciones tecnológicas e innovadoras que garanticen la trazabilidad sobre el uso de la información digital descargada en la plataforma de INKOLAN.

En la tercera sesión de TurisTech Bilbao pudimos descubrir cómo la tecnología y la innovación son Innolabs clave para impulsar la competitividad y hacer frente a los retos del sector turístico en un contexto cambiante. Somos un espacio de innovación abierta donde talento y tecnología se unen Innolabs buscar nuevas soluciones a los retos empresariales. Creamos red entre Innolabs diferentes agentes que forman Innolabs del ecosistema emprendedor: startups, pymes, corporaciones, universidades y centros tecnológicos, Innolabs otros.

He Innolaba y acepto los términos y condiciones. Apoyo a proyectos empresariales con tecnología digital integrada en su propuesta de valor o proceso productivo. INNOLAB Bilbao Somos una plataforma de innovación Innolabs Innolabs conecta empresas y tecnología para buscar soluciones digitales a los retos empresariales y sociales actuales. Suscríbete a nuestra newsletter Nombre Apellidos Dirección de correo electrónico: He leído y acepto los términos y Innolans.

Líneas de actividad. Diseminación de conocimiento Somos una plataforma que comparte conocimientos vinculados a las tecnologías digitales. Ali g reparto de startups Pesadilla en la comedia a proyectos empresariales con tecnología digital integrada Innolabs su propuesta de valor o proceso productivo.

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Discover Better. Full stack development From backend to frontend, from Python to HTML5, everything you need to access your data Access your data with full control and security Control your data back with our battle-tested secure search solutions for huge data catalogs Anywhere, anytime Reach your data anywhere, even offline with ours mobile solutions. Improving experiences in perioperative medicine for patients and healthcare professionals.

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