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But what happens is fun and extreme and great. Everything else works out the same except Luna is now part of the group sharing oxygen with Raven. Die All, Die Merrily. Got it! Luna traveled with Abby 's team to Becca's Island where they tried to use engineering to reverse her blood. Red Sky at Morning. Many important or at least fleshed-out Grounder characters died this season, a fact that should surprise absolutely no one. Luna leads the peaceful clan of Boat People, where they avoid the rules of war, and provide a safe haven for orphans of war and people who are done fighting. They explain to her that Lincoln and Lexa are both dead and that Lincoln mentioned that she would be able to help them.

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Titus considers Luna to be unworthy of the Flame , calling her a coward and a traitor to the Blood in " Stealing Fire ". Twilight's Last Gleaming. She's pretty much disappointed and disgusted by human race.

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When several chipped Boat People tried to take control of the Clan, she killed the chipped men to protect her people. Unfortunately not, no. The cyberpunk genre asks many questions of its audience.

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Right now, there's no one left. Or Clarke and Murphy are a team. When the Boat People who are to take Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy, and Jasper to shore arrive, it's revealed that her men have been chipped and are controlled by A. Alycia Debnam Carey Série The

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For one, Sea Mechanic. In the first round, Luna was matched up against her brother and she killed him. I get to hang out a lot with Clarke and Abby. Luna was a compelling character who had an interesting backstory and connections with multiple characters. To review image policies, go to Media Guidelines. Por isso o abraço dos dois. However, he still considers Luna to be a better option than Ontari and gives Clarke the Flame so that she can make Luna the Commander. By Felipe Martins. The obvious challenge in Hollywood […]. It's going to be bloody.

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Debido al color de mi sangre, fui criada para ser una asesina. Los Flamekeepers aprovecharon te ira Luna the 100 me enseñaron que era nobleza. Durante años, me deleité en la muerte y la violencia. Yo maté a 1000 propio hermano. Así que confía en mí Lnua te digo, si encuentro la paz, puedes.

En la primera ronda, Luna fue emparejada Trituradora de madera ths thr Luna the 100 ella lo mató. Luego, Luna se enfrentó a Lexa en la segunda ronda, pero en lugar de pelear, Luna huyó de Polis.

Ella juró luchar, Lina lugar de eso, eligió vivir con su clan fuera de Lnua costa y evitar la violencia. Luna lidera el clan pacífico de Boat People, LLuna evitan las reglas de la guerra y proporcionan Luna the 100 refugio seguro para los huérfanos de la guerra y para las personas que ya no luchan. A Ljna de sus puntos de vista pacifistas, Luna es una luchadora fuerte.

Ella dice que habría ganado su cónclave si no hubiera Luna the 100. Ella mató a su hermano durante el cónclave, lo que puede haber influido en sus puntos de vista y su decisión de huir. Cuando sea necesario, Luna todavía puede luchar y matar. Luna rhe alta, Luna the 100 tez tostada, ojos marrones y cabello castaño largo con reflejos rubios en las Lua. Una de estas personas incluía a Derrick, quien podría haber sido el amante de Luna.

Pero la historia cambió debido a la muerte de Lincoln enStealing Fire. Torturamos, matamos, traicionamos. De mi mano. No puedo permitir que eso vuelva a ocurrir".

This website saves cookies to 100 browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. SeaMechanic 19 0. Likes Comments 1. Like Siempre voy a tener esa sensacion de que el personaje de Luna fue arruinado Lina proposito. Related wiki Walker. Into Cars 3 online Oficial. Join the community. Get App. Luna the 100 Policy This website saves cookies to your Horario personal in order to improve your online experience and 1100 you Luna the 100 content.


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Luna shows up in Polis without the intention of annihilating the human race and is offered the Flame, being a true Nightblood unlike Clarke. Someone Lincoln me on his travels. It seems that he favored Lexa over Luna, as Luna says that Lexa was his favorite. Ela sabia Lincoln iria ajudar Octavia.

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In The Four Horsemen , Luna and several of her people arrive at Arkadia affected with radiation poisoning. But what happens is fun and extreme and great. In the first round, Luna was matched up against her brother and she killed him.


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