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You can draw strategically placed white spots to give your rock the appearance of being shiny. The angle of the crack should change each time it moves from one plane to another. I usually can handle about four. El montar en la puerta. Colegas en el bosque. If, for whatever reason, you would like to draw a rock, read on to find out the secret to drawing rocks! Please share if you like it! Categorías al azar Princesa joven.

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Last, I add shadows at the bases of the rocks to ground the rocks to the earth and give them weight. About This Article. It takes a lot of love and pain, until you learn the art of letting go. If you mean a large, flat rock, then you can basically just draw a flat, rough-edged platform and add some shading to make it look rocky.

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Do not push too hard on your pencil. Also learn a little about geology and the history of the rocks you draw. Did this article help you?

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La sirenita. Mi pequeño pony. Use a simple value scale and see the shapes in each zone.

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Universidad de miedo. To suggest the texture, I make a combination of little scratches and dots. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Monstruos contra alienígenas. Marnie Lv 4. Monstruos S. El reino del hielo. Rocks are very complicated in their own way. Try drawing it with a flat side, and as always shading helps a great deal.

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Animales hacen existencias. Make sure they change angles along with your shadows and shading lines. One way of showing the planes is with a line on the edges between the planes. El libro de la selva.

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It takes a lot of love and pain, until you learn the art of letting go. Orient your shading lines such that they show the path that a raindrop on the rock would take across the surface down and horizontal for a flat surface. Peter Pan.

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