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Hey thank you for putting us in your top 5, we're glad you enjoyed it so much :. We were all really impressed by your gameplay so well done! Note: I started to write the comment below before the demo was updated. Comments Log in with itch. Suspended account 47 days ago. In it was captured and set on fire by the French troops. Well done. Situated at about metres above sea level, Soria is the second highest provincial capital in Spain. Log in with itch.

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I want to play this game sooooooooo badly, like reaaaaaally badly! So glad to hear you enjoyed it! It feels super fluid, and the environments are beautiful.

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It is in my Top 5 of this week! It is claimed that in Roman times there was a castle called Oria, purportedly named after a Greek knight called Doricus. Coat of arms. Official website.

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Unfortunately at the moment there are no plans to put the game on mobile. Status Prototype Platforms Windows Rating. A downloadable game for Windows. Its population is 38, INE , ,

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Platformer , Adventure. Capitals of provinces of Spain. Deleted 57 days ago. It was a pleasure to watch your lets play! Elf on the Shelf adding to holiday stress? In Soria is the Museo Numantino , devoted to the archaeological remains of this and other sites in the province. Though youngsters seem to love the tradition, parents say that shifting the elf around every day eventually becomes a hassle — inspiring a practical hack to make life easier and maintain the Christmas magic this year. Deleted post 61 days ago. Note: I started to write the comment below before the demo was updated.

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COM 6. Sorry to see it was lagging for you. Deleted 57 days ago. Alfonso I of Aragon and Navarre, the Battler seized the territory away from the sphere of the Kingdom of León, controlling the territory from to , [7] entrusting the role of first tenant of Soria to Íñigo López already by , when the effective repopulation should have started, although there are claims tracing it back some time earlier.

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This game was a joyous and colorful experience in my deep dark world of emotional anguish. Later, after the Arab conquest of Spain, it grew in importance due to its proximity to the border of the Christian lands, which in the 8th century had settled along the Duero river. Really nice game! So glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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