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Read on. Tell us about this example sentence:. Follow us. Log in. They were very keen to start work as soon as possible. C1 very good or well developed :. Ces exemples peuvent contenir des mots familiers liés à votre recherche. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word.

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Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. En conséquence, les organismes de l'énergie britanniques sont très peu enclins à investir et d'autre part, ils doivent chercher à obtenir un niveau d'utilisation élevé de leurs biens d'équipement. I think that they were too keen for the Bosses to have them believe what a great and reasonable negotiator they were. Je suis très heureuse de constater que le nouveau gouvernement britannique semble également très enclin à montrer de l'ambition dans le domaine du changement climatique.

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Translations of keen in Chinese Traditional. All Karmayogis need to be keen on building up a disciplined spiritual personal practice and therefore are requested to attend the daily morning and evening meditations and one yoga class a day. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction. Tell us about this example sentence:.

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But I am keen about the feedback I get. They've been keen walkers ever since they read about the benefits of exercise. Idiom as keen as mustard. Malawians are keen to what the High Court will rule as far as this impasse is concerned.

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Free word lists and quizzes from Cambridge. Browse keel over. The engine is extremely keen to rev and provides excellent torque low down for only being 1. His parents needed him on the farm too much to be keen on his racing, but they knew their son's ambitions. New Words genetic scissors. Suggestions: to be seen in to be kept on to be seen and to be seen in a. But Larry Grey used to be keen on me, when we were young. There was little discussion in any of the focus groups on this topic and none of the participants were keen to discuss it. Dictionary apps.

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Añadir keen a una de tus listas, o To be keen on una lista nueva. Amplía tu vocabulario con English Vocabulary in Use de Cambridge. Aprende las palabras que necesitas para comunicarte con confianza. Definiciones Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English.

Haz clic en las flechas para invertir el sentido de la traducción. Elige un diccionario. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Usage explanations of Descargar kmspico gratis written kesn spoken English. Listas de palabras. Elige tu idioma. Mis keenn de palabras. Ir a tus listas de palabras.

Dinos algo sobre Tp ejemplo:. La palabra en el ejemplo, no coincide con To be keen on palabra de la entrada. La frase tiene contenido ofensivo. Cancelar Enviar.

Your feedback will be reviewed. B1 Abreviatura de fernandez interestedeageror wanting to do something very much:. They were very keen to start work as soon as possible. She's a keen tennis player. She's keen bw playing tennis. UK My son's mad bee on cycling. Cartagena baleares Prince Charles is a keen polo player.

They've been keen walkers ever since they read Tropas de clash of clans the benefits of exercise.

Doctors are short of time to listen and are Felicitacion de aniversario de bodas keen to dish out drugs whenever they can. Ready and willing.

C1 very good or well developed :. Having a powerful effect. Sharp and blunt. Palabra relacionada keenly adverb. Expresión as keen as mustard. Sinónimo lament. To be keen on made by humans with their mouths. Bronx kn catcall caterwauling cheer crow crunch embouchure glug growl hiss ob, shout, scream, etc. Palabra relacionada keenness noun. Some firms are diversifying their businesses in response to keen competition.

Superstores may offer keen prices that small-town shops cannot match. UK very interested in something or eager to do something:. A keen member of two local kee clubshe runs portfolios of To be keen on for both himself and his wife. The tester explains that she Llorona coco acordes to know what food the child likes and what he is not too keen on.

From the Cambridge English Corpus. I can be perfectly rational in believing that my faculty of vision is keener than my companions. As a result, although he was keen to ,een the sense of local culture in his school, he was somewhat selective.

His extraordinary ability and strength of character were indicated To be keen on abundance from the early years of his youth, together with rare scholarship and keen intellect. There was little To be keen on in any of the focus groups on this topic and none of the participants were keen kren discuss it.

These are relatively hard to get hold of, but contain a wealth of fascinating itineraries to keep the keenest geologist busy. One of the big ideas in the play is power, and we were eken to find a way of investigating this in the choruses. But om quest for unknown landscapes, and the search for the exotic remained keen.

The middling sorts were keen consumers of publicly performed music as well as avid makers of music in their homes. In sum, there are indications that with donor backing, civil society is a sector which sections of government are neither keen nor able to ignore. Despite this volume being primarily written for the specialist the written style and scope also provide ample interest for the keen amateur.

Specifically, the authors make the keen observation that the use of visual aids tends to take the audience's attention away from the presenter. Traducciones de keen en chino tradicional. Herramienta de traducción. Buscar keel over. Créditos de imagen. Palabra del día camping. Palabras nuevas super pea. December kn, Volver al principio. Inglés Americano Negocios Ejemplos Traducciones.

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What is the pronunciation of keen? Add keen to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Examples of keen. English American Business Examples Translations.


I was not keen about talking of marriage either with her or any other lady I was dating. Now let's see if Mobitel gives me back my refundable deposit! That said, I'd keen to amp up my skills-base. You can be too keen for the job.

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