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Optimus himself hurled Megatron into orbit. In the Transformers. It was too late, however, and The Beast began rampaging, killing Autobots and Decepticons alike. Prime recovered from the shock wave to find that the Decepticons had fled. The message was intercepted by G. The Enemy from the Arctic During the conflict that followed, Prime's suspicions about Wataru were confirmed when the boy manifested a barrier to protect himself and Bumblebee and to help Skyfire overcome the influence of Starscream's mind-controlling helmet. Eventually, the Autobots formed a secret alliance with the Guardians as well as discovered the cause of Cybertron's troubles: Renegade bases on Moebius were draining the planet's energy.

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Ironhide suggested that he should kill the parents as they were very irritating, but Optimus scolded his old friend. Alternatively, if Optimus chose to use the tainted fuel against the Decepticons, he ordered Grapple to carry out the vat outside of headquarters. The first among these was Pirhana.

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Bumblebee [ edit edit source ] Optimus Prime appears as well, albeit briefly, during the battle of Cybertron. Unfortunately the Decepticon forces attacked from all directions, and Starscream 's null-ray put Optimus out of commission. Alle Auktion Sofort-Kaufen. Optimus led a team there, realising that the destruction was a message from Megatron.

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Four million years ago, when Decepticons attacked the Ark , he personally chose to crash it onto Earth , a decision that caused him much remorse when the war restarted on Earth in the modern day. After the Transformers and humans were returned to present-day Cybertron and the Decepticons were vanquished by the recently arrived Dinobots , Prime made an agreement with the Joes to destroy the technology that started the whole mess in order to protect Earth. Altersempfehlung Alle ansehen.

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The statue was subsequently blown to pieces by the Vehicon forces. Upon reawakening, the Autobots found themselves captives of Megatron, who informed them that their fellow Autobots would soon perish, and that the humans would be conquered by the Decepticons shortly after. After the arrival of Sam Witwicky , Optimus successfully revived Sentinel who initially attacked him, before calming down after learning where they were. Optimus Prime sagte, dass die Decepticons alle zerstört werden, sollten sie die Erde nicht verlassen. However, the situation was still so desperate that Optimus not only decided to recruit human allies The battle is far from over! If he didn't send Sludge with them, the odds were 2 to 1 that the Autobots would all be destroyed as part of Operation Black Coral. Arriving in Hong Kong, the Autobots' stolen ship was shot down by Galvatron's forces and crashed in the Wulong Valley. Shortly after reaching the other shore and taking out Skywarp , Prime witnessed the gigantic Bruticus bust out of the Terrordrome and attack everything around him.

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Optimus was forced to turn his attention to the Decepticon fighters and shoot them down with his machine guns, allowing Sentinel to flee, although Optimus followed him. Optimus nominated Prowl, Bumblebee and Mirage to go along with him on the mission. This Prime was so surprised by Starscream's uncharacteristic sports car alternate mode that he left himself open for a blast from Starscream's Retroactive Nullifer cannon, which erased him from the timestream.


Having been able to send out one last message before his memory was badly damaged, Optimus found himself unable to distinguish friend from foe, and would join or rejoin whichever faction found him first. Action Blast 1. As the Autobots were in need of a new power source, he sent Cliffjumper to find Doctor Heath Blaisedale and had to apologize to the doctor after Cliffjumper kidnapped her.

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