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Retrieved May 19, While interviewing the girl's father and woman's boyfriend, he points them to a backyard building that Ziva had rented for years as a private office to write private journals as she coped with her job and life in America, though it hasn't been touched since her apparent death. October 13, Mesmo com a complexidade do que existia entre Ziva e Eli, no final das contas, ele era seu pai e ela o amava. Introductory Season 1 " Identity " 2 3 " Blye, K. Retrieved September 29, The character's cultural impact was enhanced when she became popular among viewers, as she "[represents] the whole Israeli security establishment, if not Israeli society in general" for the audience.

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Ducky is often seen sticking up for her when she has quarrels with Tony. July 16, Do we know she's dead?

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October 6, Retrieved May 16, Estou ansioso para terminar a história de Ziva.

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Mais detalhes foram desenvolvidos conforme o personagem continuou a se desenvolver. Burns, a rogue member of the Smithsonian Anthropology Lab. Retrieved May 11,

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But feminists love to see a small, thin woman kick a big guy's butt. She takes things to the extreme. Cote and CBS share a great respect for the 'NCIS' audience, and we look forward to working with her and the producers on appropriate closure in this chapter of Ziva's story. Gertel agreed that Ziva's sympathetic portrayal allowed the series to fairly show the security concerns of the Israeli government and the measures it takes to defend its citizens while still maintaining its role as a "good and helpful ally" to the United States. Isso é muito importante para ela. It was his observation that in past years the woman played a secondary role in much of Jewish life. As an immigrant, she faces prejudice and racism, but she handles it with poise. Characters G. In the Season 9 episode, Newborn King episode , Ziva managed to successfully incapacitate two members of a Russian mercenary group who had been hired to kidnap a pregnant Marine Corps Lieutenant.

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Shane Brennan, the show's producer at the time, elaborated on Ziva's role in action scenes and explained, "We try to deliver that, but we try to be credible about it. Retrieved April 12, She admits that she had been under orders to kill Ari when it became clear that he was out of control, but elucidates that she had never intended to go through with it, believing him to be innocent. Retrieved November 22,

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Retrieved August 8, Ziva, as a result, tells Gibbs that she cannot continue to work with Tony as she no longer trusts him, and Gibbs accepts this for the time being, saying that he will give her time to "remember who she can trust". He felt that Ziva's ascendancy marked a change in Jewish culture.

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