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Although there are many Cortinarius species with some degree of violet colour, C. It was noted as very similar to the original species concept of C. When identified as taxonomically separate from the deciduous-preferring populations, the pine-preferring populations have been referred to either as a separate species, C. Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America. They are flask-shaped, with somewhat purple contents. Wünsche Gomphos violaceus L. Kuntze Cortinarius violaceus is the type species of the genus Cortinarius , which is the largest of the mushroom genera.

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Retrieved from the MushroomExpert. Being violet, this webcap's colour is far from typical, as the majority of webcap species have fawn, orange or brown colouring. Cortinarius violaceus was designated as the type species for the genus Cortinarius by Frederic Clements and Cornelius Lott Shear in their work The Genera of Fungi. Kuntze

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Cortinarius Cortinarius subgen. New York, New York: H. Retrieved 28 November Ann Arbor, Mich: University of Michigan.

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In colour, it is a dark violet to blue-black, and is covered in fine, downy scales. Minter and J. Cortinarius sect.

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If you have found this information helpful, we are sure you would also find our book Fascinated by Fungi by Pat O'Reilly very useful. Kruszyna, pow. Typically 1 to 2cm in diameter, it can measure as much as 3 or 4cm across the base. The second reason for shunning this and all other members of the genus Cortinarius is that quite a lot of them are seriously poisonous and a few have proven track records as deadly killers Cortinarius rubellus and Cortinarius orellanus in particular contunue to take lives every year. Yet another from Eastern Australia has been named C. Thus the species was written as Cortinarius violaceus L. The cut flesh of Cortinarius violaceus smells slightly of cedarwood; it has no significant taste.

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Fichas micológicas. Interés Gastronómico. Descripción macroscópica. Subgénero Cortinarius. Sombreroconvexo, algo mamelonado, margen Cortinarius violaceus, carnoso. Cutícula aterciopelada, seca, opaca, violeta oscuro. Pie alto, engrosado en la base, fibrilloso-escamoso, con fibrillas longitudinales oscuras, de esponjoso a hueco y de violeta oscuro a negruzco.

Cortina violeta, se tiñe Cortinarius violaceus herrumbre tras esporar. Carne gruesa, violeta con tendencia a palidecer, de tensa y firme a floja. Olor a madera de cedro, sabor suave. Esporada color ocre-ferroso.

La variedad C. Callistosporium luteo-olivaceum Calocera cornea Calocera furcata Calocera viscosa Calocybe alpestris Calocybe carnea Calocybe gambosa Calocybe ionides Calocybe persicolor Caloscypha fulgens Calvatia cyathiformis Calvatia excipuliformis Calvatia Cortinarius violaceus Camarophyllus colemannianus Camarophyllus lacmus Cabeceiras de basto niveus Camarophyllus pratensis Camarophyllus russocoriaceus Camarophyllus virgineus Cantharellus carbonarius Cantharellus cibarius Cantharellus vlolaceus, var.

Coprinus ephemeroides Coprinus impatiens Coprinus kuehneri Tomtom iberia iphone lagopus Coprinus micaceus Coprinus niveus Coprinus picaceus Coprinus plicatilis Coprinus radians Coprinus silvaticus Coprinus truncorum Cordyceps canadensis Cordyceps capitata Cordyceps longisegmentis Cordyceps violaceks Cordyceps ophioglossoides Coriolopsis gallica Coriolus fibula Corticium roseum Cortinarius alboviolaceus Cortinarius Cortinaius Cortinarius Cortinarius violaceus Cortinarius anomalus Cortinarius violaceus anserinus Cortinarius arcanus Cortinarius armillatus Cortinarius assiduus Cortinarius atrovirens Cortinarius azureovelatus, var.

Cortinarius ochropallidus Cortinarius odoratus Cortinarius odorifer Cortinarius olidus Cortinarius orellanoides Cortinarius orellanus Cortinarius percomis Cortinarius polymorphus Cortinarius praestans Cortinarius privignoides Cortinarius privignus Cortinarius purpurascens Cortinarius rapaceus Cortinarius rickenianus Cortinarius rubicundulus Cortinarius rufoolivaceus Cortinarius salor Cortinarius saturninus Cortinarius scobinaceus Cortinarius sodagnitus Cortinarius splendens Cortinarius suaveolens Cortinarius Como hacer que te eche de menos Cortinarius torvus Cortinarius triformis Cortinarius triumphans Cortinarius trivialis Cortinarius turgidus Cortinarius turmalis Cortinarius variecolor Cortinarius variiformis Cortinarius venetus Cortinarius venetus, var.


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New York Botanic Garden. If you have found this information helpful, we are sure you would also find our book Fascinated by Fungi by Pat O'Reilly very useful. Nazwa systematyczna. Cortinarius violaceus was designated as the type species for the genus Cortinarius by Frederic Clements and Cornelius Lott Shear in their work The Genera of Fungi.

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The Genera of Fungi. Polish Academy of Sciences, The lovely specimens shown above were photographed in central-southern France, in early October and were fruiting in small groups beneath pine trees but with silver birch trees nearby, making it impossible to determine in the field whether the fugi were mycorrhizally associated with one or other or indeed both of these tree species; however, in the detailed identification guide below you will see a photomicrograph of its spores, which are ellipsoidal, a characteristic of Violet Webcaps that are mycorrhizal with conifers.

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